Pastor's Birthday

Dear Calvary Temple Family and Friends,

Sunday, February the 14th is not only Valentine’s Day, it is the day before Pastor Ray’s Birthday and 3 weeks before the first 7-Day Daniel Fast of the year.

Before you start to get nervous, we’ve got a treat for you. There will be cake to celebrate another year of awesomeness for Pastor Ray’s birthday as well as the opportunity to sample a Daniel Fast dish or two made by your brothers and sisters at CT.


I remember the first year we did this, I had eaten all my food for the day by 1 pm and had a migraine by 2 pm. I quit. The next year we all banded together, got books on the topic, and decided to support each other. I made it to 2 weeks. The third time was the charm… I made it to 3 weeks and kept on going till March. Yes, I know…I did extra!

Why am I sharing this?

We understand that we will continue to have new people who have not lived a life of fasting. We want them to know that they will not be alone. An introduction to your favorite dish(es) will take away some of the fear and the cookbooks we have available will also help.

We want people to feel encouraged versus discouraged.

So, if you would like to volunteer to create and share your favorite dish, please respond here or call the office to let us know.

Or If you would like to purchase one of the cookbooks, call the office (610) 398-3222 to let us know.

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