Can I be part of this church?

Yes! Anyone can be a part of our church family. We only ask that you would love God and love others in the church


Does Calvary Temple have church membership?

Yes. Though we welcome everyone to be a part of our church family, we do have church membership. “Church family” is anyone who attends our church. “Church member” is an individual belonging to the church family who takes deeper ownership, responsibility, and commitment to the church.  Among other things, a church member will have voting privileges regarding the important decisions in the church. For additional information regarding church membership, please click here.


How do I get baptized?

Please contact the church office (610.398.3222) for details.


Does Calvary Temple belong to any particular denomination?

We are affiliated with the Pentecostal denomination.


How can I plan an event at Calvary Temple?

Click Here to contact us or contact the church office (610.398.3222) for more information.


If your question was not listed, please contact us. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.