to whom honor is due

Good Afternoon All,

Romans 13:7
Pay to all what is owed to them: … honor to whom honor is owed.

In every crisis there are options: allow fear to grip us, run and hide, or stand and fight. As the world confronts COVID-19, we see health care workers doing what they do every day. However, now they are called upon to stand on the front line of this virus and fight for the lives of those who cannot help themselves.

We, the CT Family have the privilege of having many such heroes as part of our church family. To all of you that serve as health care professionals in the office, in the field, in the hospitals, in the nursing home and the many ways that you serve, Thank You!!!

You are God’s gift for such a time as this. We HONOR each and every one of you. Why? Because God honors those to whom honor is owed. May our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS THE CHRIST, pour out His Blessings upon you continually.

CT family, please join me in honoring the heroes among us. Please pray for them every day; they are on the front line serving like no one else can.

CT family I am praying for all of you, please be safe. I truly miss seeing each of you. May God continue to BLESS you and your family.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Ray

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