Resurrection Weekend 2020

Dear Calvary Temple Family and Friends,

Welcome to Resurrection Weekend 2020!

First a reminder of our Good Friday Fellowship and a clarification on how to access it.  Whether you are on a computer or your phone, clicking this link will take you right to the meeting. If you arrive before 3 pm, you will be “ushered into” the waiting room until the meeting begins at 3 pm.

A few housekeeping rules for smooth sailing:

  • Please arrive by 2:55 pm so that we may begin promptly at 3 and end at 3:30 pm
  • At 3 pm, everyone will be MUTED in order to eliminate background noise. You will still have the ability to unMUTE yourself when you need to speak.
  • Agenda
    • Opening Prayer – Pastor Brian
    • John 19:1–11 – Sis. Karima
    • John 19:12–16 – Bro. Richard B.
    • John 19:17-30 – Sis. Alice
    • John 19:31-37 – Bro. Courtney
    • John 19:38-42 – Sis. Carol
    • Holy Communion – Pastor Ray & everyone
    • Closing Prayer – Sis. Lorraine

After the closing prayer, we will take five- ten minutes to discuss the following weekend activities:

  • Viewing a free showing of Sight and Sound’s production of Jesus together on Sunday afternoon.
  • Viewing a free showing of a family movie, Pilgrim’s Progress together on Monday afternoon. (Registration before viewing is necessary.)
  • Join us for our Easter Sunday Service at 11 am at
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