Hold On–God Has Not Forgotten You

God Has Not Forgotten You

Good morning,

In our meditation scripture for this week, (James 1:3), we hear that the testing of our faith produces patience / steadfastness. The Greek word translated patience / steadfastness, is hypomonḗ. Hypomonḗ: expresses confidence or tense expectation. It is a mark of the righteous in the First Testament that they wait on GOD. In distress and opposition, they look to GOD for deliverance. GOD is the Almighty Covenant GOD on whom they can rely. We too can have confidence in HIM. HE is our HEAVENLY FATHER in whom we can trust. Please let us remember this always, it does not matter what it looks like, our GOD has not forgotten us.

As we continue to fight the good fight of faith, we will have plenty of opportunity to want to give up, because it does not look the way we want it to at this present time. But remember that GOD has made some promises to Calvary Temple, and although it does not look like anything HE has promised; we must remember that, although man has forgotten about us; GOD has not. We must trust that HE is fighting on our behalf. This is the lesson we learned from our scripture reading.

At the end of Genesis 40:23 “Yet the chief cup bearer did not remember Joseph, but forgot him.” In chapter 41, we then saw that GOD’s promise to Joseph was fulfilled. We serve the same GOD. Although it does not look like the promises of GOD towards us will become a reality. GOD has never forgotten us. Hold on, I believe, in the GOD of the HOLY BIBLE. I believe that the promises will be realized. I believe, that we are the generation of disciples at Calvary Temple who will see the manifestation of all of the promises that our GOD has made to this congregation.

I believe that our GOD is waiting on us, to develop the structure that can handle the blessings that HE has promised us. Please remember that GOD is not a man that he would lie, if HE said it, HE will bring it to pass. Let us then do our part.

HIS servant and yours,
Rev. Ray Alexander Ricketts
Senior Pastor

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