Dear CT Family and Friends,

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Prayer Requests

  • Sis. Adrienne Isaac’s sister, Grace, who had a heart attack.

If you have a prayer request of your own you may also submit it via our app.

CT’s Covenant Marriage Ministry

Begins tonight at 7 pm in the Koinonia Room. It will be held every second (2nd) Friday of the month. This is for couples and those who intend to become part of a couple one day.

Saturday Morning Prayer

Thou O Lord by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

As a child when kids teased me and ganged up on me, I was lucky enough to have older sisters and a brother to go to bat for me. They shielded me from what I was not yet ready to handle,  helped me study,  took pride in my accomplishments, and encouraged me when I was down.

As adults the things that bully us or encamp around us are really not as simple as teasing from kids or an army of warriors camped outside our gate. The things that bully us are more pervasive and not easily pinpointed. They may be the atmosphere of ultimate thinness being in, the frenetic pace of life decreeing achieve or die trying, or degrees being a must, or Christianity not being welcomed, or lack of gadgets being uncool.

Whatever it is, it seems to find a way to corner us, separate us and make us feel alone and less than a gnat. If we as Christians feel this, how much more do those who don’t know Christ?

This is why we get out of bed on Saturday mornings to intercede for those who don’t yet know Christ, but are searching for something. Let’s go to war!  Join us at 7 am on Saturdays for a time of war/intercession.

Hurricane Dorian

In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, Calvary Temple will be collecting a special offering to assist with the relief in the Bahamas. All donations will be sent directly to Samaritan’s purse.

What they are doing/have done:

  • Operating an Emergency Field Hospital in Freeport on Grand Bahama, treating patients for a variety of injuries, illnesses, and other medical issues. 
  • Flown in many tons of emergency relief items, including heavy-duty shelter plastic and water filters.
  • Making ongoing distributions on the Abaco Islands from their base at Marsh Harbour.

Please pray about what the Lord would have you to donate and come prepared to give, so that as a congregation we may be a blessing.

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