fear not

These are troubling times. Our nation is divided, angry and volatile. It is easy for us to become mired in despair and hopelessness but be not deceived, God has not been caught off-guard.

In a nation that is consistently moving away from God these outcomes are inevitable. But do not be dismayed:

  • Fear Not! The Lord is with us!
  • Fear Not! He is the One that helps us!
  • Fear Not! He is our Shield!
  • Fear Not! Let not your hands grow weak!

Our God has given us the most effective and powerful weapon. That weapon is prayer. With prayer God hears and responds to His people.

In this season of turmoil, the righteous must be fervent in prayer. Here is an opportunity:

  • Saturday, August 10th @ 7-8 am (chapel)

Let us join together corporately to pray for our nation.

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