War Room: Spring Church-Wide Spiritual Campaign

In the movie “War Room”, we meet the couple, Tony and Elizabeth Jordan who are your typical churchgoers who have become a bit blasé in their relationship with God. To the outside world their beautiful home, intelligent daughter and fabulous marriage spell success, however, it is all a mirage. Through this 5-week church wide campaign we will be called to evaluate our spiritual life and growth, to uncover our true character, to trust in the God of grace, declare victory over our true Enemy, and discover that prayer really is a powerful weapon.

Join us for small groups starting Sunday, April 22nd which will run for five weeks. Sessions will be offered several days and times each week. Contact Robin O’Donnell for more information.


Weekly Teachings:

  1. Unenthusiastic faith
  2. Accountability
  3. Gospel and Grace
  4. Spiritual warfare
  5. Prayer


  • Create awareness of and re-introduce church members to the power of prayer
  • Create opportunities for outreach among community
  • Encourage participation in War Room among church members