Why Fast

Why Fast?

Often times the people of God, attempt to do something that they see in the Holy Bible, hear teaching(s) about, and decide to try it, often without receiving the benefits that they see in scriptures or have been taught about.

Fasting is certainly one of those things. Some approach fasting as a method to lose weight. Although one can lose weight during a true fast, weight loss should never be the motive of the heart when we decide to fast.

The truth is, the only reason we often fail to receive the benefits promised in the Bible, is because the motive of our heart is not aligned with the heart of the LORD God.

Please join us in this new series “Why Fast” as together we uncover God’s design and the many rewards for fasting.

Series begins Sunday, December, 15, 2019. We will take a brief break for a Christmas message and resume on Sunday, December 29, 2019 and continue through January 19, 2020.

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