Just Walk Across the Room Spiritual Campaign

This spiritual campaign brings personal evangelism into the 21st century as naturally as if Jesus were doing it himself. With a life saving offer for people like you and I who may be up to our neck in suffering because of our choices, this series will equip you to act in the same manner of grace giving.

It will inspire you to move out of your comfort zone and to take a walk across the room to extend a hand of care, compassion or comfort to those who may be in need of God’s love.

Led by the Holy Spirit you may find yourself:

  • Offering radical acceptance and love to people God places around you, regardless of their appearance and lifestyle
  • Sincerely learning the life stories of friends
  • Enveloping them in a grace-filled community
  • Sharing Christ’s love-wherever you are, whoever you’re with, and whatever you’re doing.


Join us for small groups starting Sunday, October 22nd which will run for four weeks. Sessions will be offered several days and times each week. Contact Robin O’Donnell for more information.

Sessions include:

  1. The Single Greatest Gift: Discern when the Holy Spirit is speaking to you
  2. Living in 3D: Reach out to people far from God in a natural way
  3. The Power of Story: Clearly and humbly tell your faith story — in 100 words or less
  4. Grander Vision  Living: Spread God’s love through something as simple as a walk!

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