Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

 “It’s impossible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.”
– Pete Scazzero, author of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Discipleship Courses

The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Discipleship Training is a plan for discipleship that deeply changes our relationship with God.

The EH Spirituality does this in two ways:

  1.  Addressing directly the reality that emotional maturity and spiritual maturity are inseparable, that it is not possible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.
  2. Equipping people in a personal, firsthand relationship with Jesus by incorporating stillness, silence, and Scripture as daily life rhythms.

The goal of this training is to help you implement the eight core biblical truths and principles that make up The EH Spirituality Training.

  1. The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality Something Is Desperately Wrong
  2. Know Yourself That You May Know God Becoming Your Authentic Self
  3. Going Back in Order to Go Forward
  4. Journey through the Wall Letting Go of Power and Control
  5. Enlarge Your Soul through Grief and Loss Surrendering to Your Limits
  6. Discover the Rhythms of the Daily Office and Sabbath Stopping to Breathe the Air of Eternity
  7. Grow into an Emotionally Mature Adult Learning New Skills to Love Well
  8. Go the Next Step to Develop a “Rule of Life” Loving Christ Above All Else