Pastor Diane Stafford

Pastor Dee

Pastor Diane Stafford was born in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, West Indies to Christian parents, grew up in Beltsville, MD, and moved to Brooklyn, NY.

She is the mother of one dynamic and extremely brilliant daughter Alethea. In 2001 she received her call to ministry. After coming to terms with the call, she signed up for Bible School and began her life’s most tumultuous, challenging, fulfilling, healing, and joyous journey. In 2003, Pastor Diane and her mother moved to Pennsylvania.

Pastor Diane is an avid reader, author, and promoter—she has promoted numerous books over the last ten years. In October of 2011 Pastor Diane humbly yet proudly received her ministerial license. She was ordained through Calvary Temple’s Logos Bible Academy on December 8, 2013. She currently works as the Church’s office manager and also teaches a night class at Calvary Temple’s Logos Academy. Pastor Diane is Calvary Temple’s Internet Pastor. 

Her motto is: I am who I am, by the grace of God.